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Welcome to the DiSalvo Research Group webpage. We are excited that you've chosen to visit us, and have an interest in the work that we do.

Our research focuses on the synthesis, characterization and potential applications of new solid state materials. Particularly, we have a robust and growing focus on developing new materials for fuel cell technologies, as well as a continuing program in the chemistry of solid state nitrides and in thermoelectric materials.

The following pages will provide a brief introduction to our work, as well as resources for additional information. If you are still interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

DiSalvo Group

Current Group (L-R): Minh, Spencer, Juho, Deli, Ray, Vjay, Brittney, Minghui, Andrew, Chinmayee, Doug, Hao, Gokul, Katie, Ritu, Frank.
Not Pictured: Evan, Laura, Michelle, Amy

Group News:

20 May 2010


Three of our senior undergrads are graduating from Cornell on May 30th. Tammer Yammany, Grace Yau, and Anthony Hu will all be earning their degrees and moving on to exciting post-graduate endeavors. We wish them well!!

26 April 2010

New Faces:

The DiSalvo Group recently added several new group members. Doug DeSario joins us from the University of Delaware. Spencer Robbins joins us from SUNY Binghamton. Additionally several new undergraduate students will be joining us throughout the summer and into the fall. We look forward to the changing roster.

4 September 2009

Congratulations,Dr. Ghosh, Dr. Gregoire, and Chinmayee Subban

Tanushree Ghosh and John Gregoire both recently completed their dissertation defence and have earned their Ph.Ds. Tanushree will be leaving the DiSalvo group for a job with Intel, while John, a joint-student with the van Dover group, will be starting a post-doc possition. Chinmayee recently passed her A-exam, earning her Masters degree. Congratulations to all and good luck with future endeavors.