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The DiSalvo Group's research focus is three fold: the synthesis, characterization and potential applications of new solid state materials. We pursue these foci with projects in Fuel Cell materials, nitrides, and thermoelectrics. To the right you will find in-depth descriptions of these projects as well as a few resources to provide more information for you.

Our research program also encourages and fosters a spirit of collaboration with other research groups. This spirit is most strongly manifested in our work as part of the Cornell Fuel Cell Institute (CFCI). In this effort, the DiSalvo Group works to develop synthetic methods to prepare nanoparticles (typically 3 to 5 nm in diameter) of more active and more durable electrocatalysts for both the anodes and cathodes in fuel cells. We also are working to develop new conducting catalyst support materials.

Fuel Cell Materials


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Thermoelectric Materials


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Research Supported By:

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